Fresh homemade salads, delicious side and microwaveable dishes.

We are constantly thriving to upgrade the quality of our products and that’s why we are from now on collaborating with Natura and Interbio.

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  • 100% Feta Watermelon


    Salad, feta, watermelon, falafel and balsamic dressing.


  • 100% Manzza


    Salad and vegetables, Mango (Man), Mozzarella (Zza), coriander, mint, tomatoes, cucumber.


  • 100% Noordzee aux crevettes grises


    Salad, crevettes grises, tomatoes, cucumber, eggs, avocado, parsley.


  • 100% Pêche au thon


    Salad, tuna, peach, eggs, cilantro, Greek yogurt, onions.


  • 100% Shrimp


    Marinated shrimps, mix salad, fig leaves, tartufata tzatziki, mint, cilantro and marinated vegetables.


  • 100% Chicken Poke


    Rice noodle, edamame, avocado, vegetable mix, chicken, sesame and japanese dressing.


  • 100% Salmon Poke


    Rice noodle, edamame, avocado, vegetable mix, salmon and japanese dressing.




    Taboule, green peas, fresh tomatoes, dried tomatoes, feta cheese, black olives, raisin, minth, chickpeas, tuscan red tapenade.




    Hummus, beluga lentils, carrots, green beans and chicken.


  • 100% CAESAR


    Grilled chicken breast, parmesan, croutons, cherry tomatoes, salad, caesar dressing.