Create your own salad

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Mixed salad with rucola
(served with bread)

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6 reviews for Create your own salad

  1. Jean L.

    Dear Ulrika,

    Thank you for your comment.
    We will propose a new choice of greenies after Eastern holidays,hope you will find what you are waiting for in this new proposals.

    Thank you for your confidence in Green Attitude,

  2. Tii (verified owner)

    I love these HUGE freshly home made salads and I decide what I want in it !
    I think the price is actually very good for the quantity you get.

  3. Bianka T. (verified owner)

    I really love the fact that you can create the salad to your likings, it’s always fresh and delicious. The office delivery is amazing !

  4. Stephanie Basters (verified owner)

    Love the fact that you can create your own fresh salad! Thank you! Yet after a while it gets a bit boring. Could you please offer more variety? How about avocado, grilled pumpkin, parsnip, sweet potatoes, humous, swede, okra, peas, edamame, red beets, endive? Furthermore, I never eat the bread that’s delivered with it. It seems a waste to throw it away – can I also “mark” an option not to have the bread and pay less?

    • Jean L.

      Dear Stéphanie, thank you for your comments, as you said we have already plenty of ingredients in our salad bar and it is not easy to add new once, we will make a few trials in the next weeks with new proposals. We are a green company and we like to avoid excess of waste, some ingredients are only appreciated by a few making difficult the salad bar management. By the way do you know that products like avocados and sweet potatoes have a very bad ecological impact?
      Concerning the bread, it is offered for free to our dear clients.
      Thank you for your confidence in Green Attitude and have a very nice day.

      The Green Team

  5. Sandrine Binst (verified owner)

    I love your salads. I am however a little concerned by the packaging. Would it be possible to avoid plastic lids and plastic cutlery upon request? This would be fantastic.

    • Jean L.


      Thank you for your comment, we can indeed avoid the degradable plastic cutlery upon company request, it is not possible per individual, so if Baxter doesn’t need cutlery it is of course possible.

      Enjoy your day,

  6. Isabelle.Paulus (verified owner)

    The salad was delicious, however to piece of bread was very small. I can’t find an option to ask for extra bread. Would this be possible? Thanks!

    • Jean L.

      Hi Isabelle,

      You have always the possibility to order a “Magician” which is a nice piece of bread that you can even share with a colleague!

      Thank you for your confidence in our services 😉

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